Chapters on Shillingburgs

Written by James Arthur Strosnider, Woodstock, VA (1923-2013)
for his book that may have been titled Reflections of Relatives that he published privately in about 1995 and distributed a limited number of copies to family members.

These pages were copied from the book for Mr. Strosnider and sent to me in 2010. I have been unable to find a copy of the book itself.

Mr. Strosnider’s widow, Patricia Alexander Strosnider, continues to live in Woodstock.
417 Spring Street,
Woodstock, BVA 22664
                                                                                                     J. E. Shillingburg
                                                                                                     Shelter Island Heights, NY
  June 26, 2015

James Strosnider's Obituary

Chapter on Shillingburg