William Shillingburg Family Genealogy

The Ship Molley Register 1727

This is the oldest record known of Shillingburgs coming to America. Noteworthy is that no record of a Shillingburg can be found from this point in 1727 until William and Maggie settled near Mt. Storm in 1794. Sixty-seven years represents two generations. This is a mystery that cries out for original research. Possibly in Western Pennsylvania.

[List 3A] A List of Palatine men on Bord ye Ship Molley, Above ye Age of 16 yeares, as p. thar owne List. [Qualified Sept. 30, 1727.]

Hans Erick Ouer
Frances Stoupe
Hanse Stuber
Hans Jacob Bender
Michael Spowner, sick
Hans Erick Keelb
Hans Erick Herriger
Luterich Detterey
Hans Ouer Parrent
Luterich Peetter
Hans Adam Soulder
Hans Michell Smith
Johannes Snider
Andres Elick
Porchas Hoffman
Felix Good
Johannes Crouse
Weyan Teale
Michale Sebasten
Hans Uhruk Shamaker, dead
Augusten Weder
Hans Lenord Hoffman
Hans Teyger
Marten Hosuer
Henrick Penhurz

Henrick Fults, sick
Hans Erick Tetner
Merix Foux
Stephannus Raper
Erick Lutwich Zell
Samuell Bare
Hans Rinck
Hans Erick Shillingberg
David Marten
Jacob Marten
Henerick Hoffman
Jost Moser, sick
Christane Moser, sick
Ulrick Schillingbergen
Michell Shenck
Christane Walltone
Hanse Moser
Hans Yow
Jacob Shir
Hans Erick Crable
Henerck Meyer
Michell Crable
Samuell Owerhoulster
Fellonz Younge
Jacob Roust

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