William Shillingburg Family Genealogy

John William Shillingburg
On the back of this picture, it is written: "For Edward to keep Great Grandfather Shillingburg" It was found in Edward's mother's house. Edward's father was Donald Metzger Shillingburg who was the son of Thomas Edward Shillingburg of Gormania, WV who was the son the John William Shillingburg (Edward's great grandfather Shillingburg), also of Gormania. John William (born 14 September 1830, died 30 June 1899) was married to Sarah Moomau (born 15 June 1828, died 12 March 1911). They are both buried in a small unmarked cemetery at the top of a hill in Gormania. This cemetery is not marked on the offical topo map. You can reach it by traveling west to Bayard from Gormania on Route 90, parking next to the garage of a white house with yellow trim around the roof, and heading up the hill on the faint road. About 1/8 mile up the hill, the unkempt cemetery will appear on your right. Edward photographed their tombstones in July 1999.
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