William Shillingburg Family Genealogy

Updated: October 18, 2004

Don, Ed and Patricia Shillingburg returned to discover the Shillingburg roots in the Mount Storm area in July 1998. You will want to know what they found. Article.

William H. Shillingburg and Margaret Murphy settled in Mt. Storm, Virginia (now West Virginia) in about 1794. Their known children were: Hugh, William, John, Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Eliza Ann, and James. The record of their descendants, what is known of it, is the subject of this site.

Shillingburg Family Genealogy (Updated 4/24/98)
(Created with Reunion)

The Immigrants: 1709-1763
Mount Storm, WV

Jim Strosnider's Chapter on the Shillingburgs and his Obituary (added 7/3/2015)

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Palatine Emigrants
The early German immigrants to the Colonies between 1709 and 1770 came in droves for two basic reasons: economics and religion. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 were in Pennsylvania by 1727 and between 70,000 and 80,000 by 1750. These people not only came from German states -- particularly the Rhineland, but also Bohemia and Switzerland. Most were either Lutheran, Reformed or Mennonite in religious belief. Interesting sites describing this mass exodus are linked below:
Palatine Emigrants

The people whose hard work has gone into the research for the Shillingburg Family Genealogy include foremost Kathleen Shillingburg Strock, then Gladys Shillingburg Bowers, Hazel Shillingburg Burton, and Alberta Shillingburg Taylor, Carolyn Britton, Don Shillingburg and most recently Rebecca Shillingburg Harper, Donna Shillingburg Nye, Shirley Minnich, and Matt Shillingburg. We are deeply grateful for their persistence in research and willingness to share. Our work is merely a compilation of their work. No doubt there are errors and ommisions. We hope that they and other Shillingburgs will contribute so that eventually we will succeed in linking all Shillingburgs to the family tree.

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