William Shillingburg Family Genealogy

Schellenberg, Shellenberger, Shillingburg
(and various variations)
from 1709 to 1763
Arriving in Philadelphia
from German States and Switzerland

Now that we are able to link most present day Shillingburgs to William and Margaret. Shirley, Minnich, Donna Nye, and Patricia Shillingburg have begun to try to find out where William came from. Efforts along this line were attempted in the past without success. There are two directions from which to approach this challenge. One is to start with the immigrants and the second is to try to trace William backward. We are attempting both approaches simultaneously. Starting with the immigrants, we now know the following:

On the 2nd of June 1709, Catherine Schellberger, a widow from the Palatine, was registered as having arrived at St. CatherinÝs, London, England with two small children, a daughter age 5 and a son age 1. (It is interesting to note that the son would have been 19 in 1727 with no prospects of a future in England and expected to emigrate to the colonies. Could this son have been Hans? Then who is Ulrich? Was Catherine pregnant with a son when she arrived in London? Was this child Ulrich?)

Hans Erick (Jerg) Shillingberg (Schellenberg) and Ulrich (Ulrigh) Schillingberger (Schellenberg, Schellengerger) arrived on September 30, 1727 on the Molly.

In 1732, Petter (Peter) Shellenberger (Schellenbu(e)rger,) age 33, arrived on the ship Samuel with his wife, Maria (Shellenbergerin), age 30, and two children, Georg, age 9, and Magdlina, age 10.

In 1734, Martin Schellenberg (baptized November 29, 1706), his wife, Verena Benz (baptized April 13, 1713) and MartinÝs sister Ursula (baptized July 4, 1711) left the Parish of Wallissennen in Switzerland to go to ýCarolina.ţ The following year, in 1735, Martin (age 20), Verena (age 19), and Ursula (age 17) arrive in Philadelphia on the ship Mercury. (Perhaps in their religious tradition, children were baptized at age 10 because there is little doubt that these three people are the same.)

Also a passenger on the Mercury in 1735 was a Jacob Shellberg (Schellberg, Shenberg, Shellenberg, Shelleberg), aged 45, who may or may not have arrived with a servant. He may have had dependents.

In August, 1738, Heinrich Schellenberg (baptized December 20, 1716, the son of Felix) left his village of Rieth in the Parish of Steinmur in Switzerland, with the announced intention of going to ýCarolina.ţ  At age 22, he arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Galley Jamaica from Rotterdam and Cowes, qualifying on February 7, 1739.

On December 3, 1740, an Abraham Shelerbury (Shelbar, Shelenbury, Schellberg) arrived aboard the ship Samuel. He was 21 years old. He may have had dependents.

On the ship Phoenix, arriving November 2, 1752, was  a J. Jacob Shellbercher (Shellbecker) . Aboard the same ship was a Jost Phillipp Schnelbacher. (This one is very curious. His name is not quite right. But, if his name was Johannes Jacob, he could be the John in the census of 1790 in Mifflin Co. and the Jacob of the Will again in Mifflin Co. in 1812.)

On October 21, 1754, the ship Friendship, from Amsterdam and latest Goport, landed in Philadelphia with a Johannes Shellenberger. He may have had dependents.

The next day, October 22, 1754, the ship Halifax  from Rotterdam, latest from Plymouth, landed with a Simon Shilberger who signed his name as Johan Simon Schelberger.

On November 1, 1763, a Johannes Schellenberger arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Chance. He may have had dependents.

Other intriguing resources we have not yet explored are the following: (Please read as follows. The item beginning with a number is a resource. Items beginning with a bullet are the notations within the resource, beginning with the name, the age, the place, the date, the resource, and the page number. Anyone having access to one or more of these resources is welcome to look up the entry and to let me know.)

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 This is probably a reference to a Hans Schallenberger leaving his community to
 emigrate to America.

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** I did not take down known names and addresses except in a few cases where there may be information we did not already have.

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