William Shillingburg Family Genealogy

The Shillingburgs

The first knowledge we have of the Shillingburg family was three brothers, Hugh, William, and Jacob. William and Jacob are most intimately connected with our local history. William was born in 1799. He married Elizabeth Kitzmiller, daughter of John Kitzmiller already referred to. Eight children were born to this union. They were Hannah l82l, Rebecca 1823, Isabella 1825, Anne Amelia 1826, Lydia 1828, Elizabeth 1830, Lewis Dryden in 1832, and Strict C. in 1841. Mr. Shillingburg lived for a time on the Maslin property and later moved to where his grandson, James G., now lives. Lewis Dryden inherited his fathers estate. He married Lydia Mumau. They had four children, all of whom are now living. They are Edward S., Frances, James G., and Bertha.

Edward S. was born 1862. He married Alice Blackburn and they had six children as follows: Grover C., Olin L., Ledah, Russell, Bertha, and Thomas Beall. Grover C. lives at McKees Rock, Pennsylvania, where is a head carpenter. Olin L. fell in battle in France during the World War, Ledah married Elmer Hanlin, Russell married Mabel Fisher, and Thomas B. remains at home.

James G. Shillingburg was born in 1865. He married Millie Sollars to which union was born five children as follows: King, Tony W.,Samuel,,May, and Rhea. King married Margaret Kitzmiller and lives near Hartmonsville, Tony W. was killed in battle during the World War, Samuel and the two sisters remain at home.

Jacob Shillingburg was born in 1807. He married Polly Sollars, daughter of Thomas Sollars, who kept a hotel near Gormania when business was active on the Northwestern Turnpike. They had six children whom we knew as John William, Jane, Sarah A., Joseph Andrew, and Nary Ellen. Andrew died at fifteen years of age and Mary Ellen at twelve years. Jacob Shillingburg and his family remained most of their lives in the vicinity of Mount Storm until the present town of Gormania sprang up, where John William and Joseph made their future home as among the first inhabitants of the town which began to build up in the early eighties under the name of Elkins.

John William was born in 1830. He married Sarah Mumau. Their children were Mary L., Susan, Rebecca C., Ellen, Thomas E., Jackson, Benjamin F. Sarah Virginia, and Martha J.

Thomas E. was the efficient bookkeeper for the J. G. Hoffman and Sons Company many years. He served as county commissioner, member of the board of education, and for a time was politically influential in the Republican party.

Jackson married Bertha Wildesen. Three interesting daughters of this union survive; all are married and live in West Virginia. Mrs. Shillingburg, after the death of her first husband, married Benjamin F. White. They have one son, Murray, who is in college pursuing his studies with a devotion that bids for success.

Ellen, who was the wife of William A. Duling, together with some of her children, and Martha J. who is the wife of E. B.Crim are still living in Gormania.

From a Gormania publication, date unknown

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